Our Pup Zinnia

Garnett and her pups

Unlike Jon, I  haven’t written much about the new puppy we’re getting.  That’s really so much his thing, writing about dogs.  But that’s not why I haven’t done it, Jon and I can write about the same thing and we will write about it very differently.

I haven’t written about the puppy, because I was waiting.  Waiting till it felt to me like it would really happen.

Even when the Garnett, the mom gave birth last Wednesday, I wasn’t ready.  But then, as Jon and I were driving home on Sunday from our weekend away, the breeder called Jon and said she had a pup for us and she was cashing the deposit check he had sent her.

So now I’m ready to accept that we really will have a new puppy at the farm in just 8 weeks.

And I’m not really surprised, even though I was being cautious.  Because there have been some telling signs since the beginning.

The first was that just a few days after Red died, Gretchen, who was the breeder of our Lab Lenore,  emailed Jon and told her about her friend who was a breeder and had a dog who she believed was pregnant.  And strangely, the breeder’s name is Lenore.

Then Jon came up with the name Zinnia for the puppy since it’s one of my favorite flowers.  We’ll call her “Zin” a good one syllable dog name.

I vaguely remembered, years ago when we were lambing, that my friend Suzy (who I named my sheep Suzy after) mentioned Zinnia as a good name for a lamb.  A few days ago, I texted Suzy telling her name we decided on for the puppy and asked if she remembered suggesting it for a lamb.

She did.  She said she liked to give the kids of her goats a name beginning with the same letter of the mother’s name.  She had suggested the name “Zinnia” for Zelda’s lamb. But Zelda’s lamb was stillborn and I never mentioned the name to Jon.

Then, on the day we euthanized Zelda, Garnett’s puppies were born.

Garnett had three female puppies.  Lenore has been sending Jon photos of the puppies since they were born so we’ll be able to watch them growing up.  Then when they’re five weeks old, we’ll be able to visit our pup and see and hold her for the first time.

As we got Fate to be my dog after Frieda died, Zin will be Jon’s dog.  But just as Fate is on her way, right now,  to The Mansion with Jon to do therapy work, I have a feeling Zin will love to go for walks with me and Fate in the woods.

I’ve begun seeing pictures of Zin in my mind and trying to send them to Fate and Bud, to let them know she’s coming.   Jon and I are thinking about where her crate will be in the house and where she’ll sleep.

I seem to have forgotten what a pain in the butt a puppy can be, right now I’m only remembering the good parts.


4 thoughts on “Our Pup Zinnia

  1. Hi Maria.

    My next door neighbor lets me walk, dog sit, and play with his two puppies, a German Shepherd/Huskie mix, a German Shepherd/Akita mix. They are about three months old and crazy busy. They bite, nip, jump on you and fight with each other. Their attention span is so very small. One is a little bit older and bigger and bullies the smaller, younger one, but not for long, I don’t think. The Akita mix will definitely grow bigger so watch out Lola. Walking the two of them is nuts right now. Troublz puts on the brakes then Lola, the Huskie mix, tries to pull you like a sled! My grandpuppies. Cute and a pain in the butt.

    Labs are the sweetest dogs. Getting through the puppy stage is hard!

  2. True, puppies are “a pain in the butt,” but they are fun and sweet. My new pup, Oliver, is the sweetest thing . After my 15 year old Sheltie, Kerry, died, my eleven year old Sheltie, Henry seemed lost. He wasn’t eating well and just seemed down. I felt the same way, but nothing seems to stop me from eating. Anyway I knew we needed something that would bring smiles and laughter to our home, so we got Oliver, a little Labradoodle.
    I’m hoping that I can have him be a service dog; the kind that children who have difficulty reading can read to. I have seen examples of how helpful that can be to children. Dogs are not judgemental, just accepting. Hopefully we can do that.
    I guess I will have to study how Jon does it. I’ve read all of his books and I think I can learn a lot from him.
    I hope Fate and Bud will love having her around, I know you and Jon will.

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