…The Other Side Of The Fence

Liam trying to get back through the gate.

Suzy was the first sheep to squeeze through the space between the gate and the post a couple of weeks ago.

So I got my hammer and vice grips and adjusted the gate, making the space between it and the post much smaller. Being on the farm, I learned quickly that gates are always moving and shifting and are constantly in need of adjusting.

I thought I had fixed it until one morning I came out to feed the animals and there was Liam, on the wrong side of the gate, trying to squeeze back in.  Looking at him trying so hard to come back into the barnyard, made me, of course, wonder how he got through the small space in the first place.

I know a lot of him is wool, but there’s a lot of sheep under the wool too.

I couldn’t adjust the gate any further, so I got three bungee cords and now we keep the gate closed that way.  And it’s been working.

Until just a couple of nights ago I was in bed reading and I heard a sheep baaing.  That’s unusual enough to get me out of bed at 11 pm.

When I got out to the barnyard I saw Suzy pacing back and forth in front of the gate.  But this time it was my fault.

I had closed the gate, with the three bungees after it got dark.  I pointed my flashlight at the sheep counting eight of them.  Because Zelda had just died, I got confused about how many sheep we actually have now (nine).   I know its simple math, but I have this thing with numbers and often get them mixed up and wrong.

I was glad I heard Suzy so she didn’t have to spend the whole night alone. I let her into the barnyard and closed up the gate again.

So far, the three bungees have been working to keep the gate closed, but I also know that can change at any time.  Then I’ll have to come up with something else.



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