Making Yoni Tree Potholders

A Yoni Tree potholder I made inspired by my walk in the woods.

I took my walk in the Yoni Woods on Monday.  On Tuesday I sat at my sewing machine trying to capture the essence of the trees I saw the day before.

I wanted to show the movement and groundedness of the trees I saw and emphasize the vulva-like shapes and vaginal-like openings.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for womb, vulva or vagina.  All the life-creating female sex organs.  It is a symbol of the regenerative powers in nature.  And so, the regenerative powers in ourselves.

I used one of the Vintage linen napkins that Kathy sent me as a ground for my drawing.  I put a piece of solid pink fabric under it and my cotton batting under that.  Then, I stitched a tree.

I cut out the white linen from the Yoni shape revealing the pink fabric under it… …then stitched the Yoni fruit…

…and colored them in with permanent marker.  Then I added the insulated batting and backing and sewed it all together.

I made four more Yoni Trees but I haven’t sewed them all together yet.

I had the urge to make some patchwork potholders using embroidered linens and just finished those up this morning.  But I’ll get them all made into potholders and have them for sale in my Etsy Shop early next week.


4 thoughts on “Making Yoni Tree Potholders

  1. Maria, never occurring in just those words. . yoni is the Sanskrit word for womb , the regenerative power of nature, regenerative power of woman. Thank you for that. Suddenly it becomes alive for me . . And your photos of the trees is a wonderful example of that natural regenerative power. Thank you again.

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