My Wool is Ready

Pumpkin and Biddy

I just got an email from Deb at the Vermont Fiber Mill.  My wool is ready!

It’s my biggest and most expensive batch of wool yet.  I can’t wait to see how it all turned out.  I can’t even remember most of the colors I dyed it and which I kept natural.

I’m hoping to pick the wool up this weekend then I’ll put it up for sale in my Etsy Shop next week.

4 thoughts on “My Wool is Ready

  1. I remember that you said they get sheared again in October. Does their wool regrow fast enough to keep them warm as the weather changes? ( It must, because I know that y’all would not endanger them with cold weather, but I’ve never been around sheep. My grandparents raised everything but sheep.) It just seems that there would not be enough time for their wool to thicken before the cold comes.

    1. Their wool grows very quickly Barbara, and they don’t need much of it to keep them warm. But you’ll see how they quickly get a thin layer of wool after shearing.

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