Old Linen Embroideries and Apron Potholders

When I made my Emily Dickinson Secrets quilt I saved, in a box, all the small pieces of embroidery I cut off the linens I used in the quilt.  Some of them had to be trimmed because the linen around them was stained, others were too small to use.

So I’ve been using those precious embroideries to make potholders.  And over the past two days, I made some more.

If you’ve ever sewn before or had a mother or grandmother who has, you might recognize the rickrack used to edge a pocket.  I used three different old hand-made aprons to make some of these potholders along with both vintage and contemporary fabric from my stash.

I plan on having these all done next week and then will sell them in my Etsy Shop.

A close up of one of my Thistle Potholders

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