The Yoni Woods

I must have walked the path before.  Early on, when we first moved here, but I don’t remember for sure.

And even if I had walked it years ago, I would have seen it differently.  Now it feels like a discovery, something very old, yet brand new to me.

I walked under the leaning Yoni Tree as if were the gatekeeper as well as the gate itself.  Maybe it’s presence made me hyper-aware, but everywhere I looked, after passing under it, there were Yoni Trees.  And, like our vulva’s, they were all different.

From thin, slight, imprints in a tree trunk, to inviting cave-like openings.

Fate and I walked longer than I intended, me gawking at the Yoni Trees, her waiting patiently for me as I stared in wonder then thought to take a picture.

I was inspired and wanted to remember the trees, to have their images for reference.  I was thinking of drawing them with my sewing machine when I got back to my studio.  But I also wanted to feel them, to begin to get to know all the personalities.

Fate and I turned back before finding out where the path led. We were gone long enough, I had more work to do, and I liked the idea, at least for a while, of not knowing how long the path went on for or where it ended.

3 thoughts on “The Yoni Woods

  1. This woodland is full of faeries. Do you feel them when you are out there? I want to walk on that path so very much. It is full of really special magic. Thank you for sharing. The trees seem pleased to be so noticed and appreciated by you.
    Blessings to you and precious Fate,

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