I Got My Wool

My new batch of wool

I was so excited when I picked up my wool today, when we got home Jon couldn’t wait to take a picture.  I don’t usually go on-line on Saturdays, but the wool looked too good not to share.  I know I’ll spend tomorrow getting it ready to sell.  I should have it ready to sell in my Etsy Shop on Monday.

Carol Law Conklin at the Adirondack Wool and  Fiber Festival

Along with piking up my wool we saw Carol at the Adirondack Wool and Arts Festival. She was busy as she usual, but I got a couple of her prints on fabric that I’m going to use to make a quilt with.  Both are landscapes, one with the moon.

She’ll be there again tomorrow, but you can also see and buy  all of Carol’s art on her website Amity Farm Batik.  


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