Our New Podcast: Bedlam Farm, New Directions

My Yarn, photo by Jon Katz

I hadn’t really thought about it till it came up in our latest podcast.  But it’s clear that there has been a shift on Bedlam Farm.  Originally Jon had more to do with the sheep than I did.  After all, he bought the first Bedlam Farm for a place to herd sheep and write about it.

Since Red started getting older and more into therapy work than herding, Jon has been making the same transition.  And now, with Red gone Jon really has little to do with the sheep and for me, they are an important part of my life on the farm and my blog.

Now the sheep are more about wool than herding.

Jon and I talk about this shift, our new puppy Zinnia and the mysterious coincidences surrounding her, my yarn and Doily Woman, my latest fabric painting in our latest Podcast Part I :The New Bedlam Farm, Yarn, New Dog, New Directions and Part II: New Directions, Yarn, New Puppy, Doily Woman.

There was a glitch in the podcast towards the end, so you can listen to the whole thing in two parts.  It’s about 40 minutes total.

And you can listen to any of our Katz and Wulf On Bedlam Farm podcasts anytime here or by clicking on the Podcast button on my blog, or on Itunes.

Thanks for listening.


4 thoughts on “Our New Podcast: Bedlam Farm, New Directions

  1. Hi Maria, Just listened to your latest podcast and appreciated your thoughts on “doily woman”. She reminds me a lot of your “I am enough” poster. The doilies you used to create her make her appear to be dressed in a wedding gown, I think. But I get the feeling this bride has a mind of her own and no plans to kowtow to her husband. Her feminine gown belies her underlying strength. That’s my interpretation. And I love the contrast of red and ivory!

  2. That’s an interesting concept, being “her own bride”. Maybe that’s what we should all do, men and women, is fully marry ourselves before we move on to marrying another. I too love Doily Woman. And the yarn is just delicious, a true feast for the senses. Congratulations to you and your wonderful sheep.

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