Selling My Wool

Some of my Wool that I’ll have for sale in my Etsy Shop Tomorrow

Jon took this picture of some of my wool hanging on the barn.  It’s the most accurate photo I’ve ever had of my yarn.  He offered to take more pictures of my wool tomorrow so I can post it in my Etsy Shop.  The camera on his new Iphone  is impressive when it comes to color and detail.

I also want to take some pictures of differnt combinations of wool to show how the colors can work together.

It will probably take me a few hours to get the photos and post the wool in my Etsy shop, but should have it for sale by late morning tomorrow.

I’ll be selling the wool, which is 200 yards of 3 ply worsted, for $27 a skein.  It’s a little more than in the past because I haven’t raised my prices since I began dying the wool a few years ago and it’s more expensive to process than natural wool.

Shipping will be $5 for the the first skein and 50 cents for each additional skien, which is less than I charged for the last batch becasue now I use Etsy shipping which is less expensive than the Post Office.

I feel like my wool improves with each batch as I figure out which sheep’s wool to combine, which colors to dye and which to leave natural.

I’ve found that most people want dyed wool and combining the Romney and Border Liecester  wool together has improved the quality and softness of the yarn.

I doubt I’ll get to my studio tomorrow, I’ll be too busy making labels for the 97 skeins of wool and begin getting the ones ready for shipping that I’ve already sold in pre-orders.  And hopefull processing new orders too.





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  1. I absolutely love the blue and turquoise skeins! Gorgeous! I don’t even knit, but I must have them so a knitter friend of mine can knit something for my sister! 😉

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