Meet My Sheep and Their Wool That’s For Sale

Some of the Bedlam Farm wool for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Most of my Bedlam Farm wool sold yesterday, but I still have some for sale in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here to see and buy it.

I have one 200 yard skein of 3 ply Dk from my sheep, Suzy.  It’s a natural gray and 100% Border Leicester.  Some of you may remember Suzy from this spring when she and Bud had a spring time romance.

Bud and Suzy getting friendly.

The rest of my wool is 3 ply worsted and all the skeins are 200 yards.

I have six red skeins from Socks and Izzy.  It’s a mix of Border Leicester and Romney.


Socks is one of my first sheep and Izzy is also known as The Lone Sheep because she’s often off by herself.

I have 7 skeins of Pumpkin and Griselle’s natural gray wool a Border Leicester/Cheviot and Romney mix.  (It’s a gorgeous light gray that works well on its own or with other colors.)


Pumpkin is Socks’ lamb, a sweet whether and Griselle is one of the Romneys that we rescued from a nearby farm.


And for the first time this year, I made a Barber Pole yarn with Kim and Biddy’s natural wool.  It’s gray and white, a mix of Karakul and Romney.  I have 5 skeins of that.  Kim is our only karakul sheep who I often mistaken for the puppet Lamb Chop.


I also have just 3 skeins of Biddy’s wool in its natural gray.  That’s 100%, Romney.  Biddy is one of our friendliest sheep always ready for a treat.  We rescued her along with Griselle.


So if you’d like some Bedlam Farm wool, there’s still some available.  Just click here to see and buy it.

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4 thoughts on “Meet My Sheep and Their Wool That’s For Sale

  1. Congratulations Maria, great to read how well the yarn sales have been going, and that your instinct for color choices, and expanding the quantity of dyed skeins was a great decision.

    Look forward to seeing the posts with photos of people’s creations made from Bedlam Farm yarn.

    Makes me even more impatient for this weekends visit to my friends Shetland Sheep farm, to see how the lambs born in the spring have grown, and help her work with the fleeces her flock provide, preparing roving, spinning yarn and labeling items with each sheeps photo, ready for her booth at a big fiber festival later this month.

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