Another Trip To The Zoo

Wild Geranium seed pod

Jon and I are going back to the Bronx Zoo tomorrow.

We became members of the Zoo because we plan to go back there a few more times over the coming year.  It’s a good place to meet up with Jon’s daughter and granddaughter and it’s a good place for us to go when we want to get away to see something very different.

It’s an easy three hour trip and this time we’ll do it all in one day.  So tomorrow, I’m taking the day off to see tigers, gorillas, monkeys and reptiles.  If I get any good pictures, I’ll post them on Saturday. If not, I’ll be back on Sunday.

One thought on “Another Trip To The Zoo

  1. I love zoos! It’s always so fascinating to see and read about these wonderful animals that share the planet with us. And what a great place to take a child. Have fun!

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