Biddy and Lulu

Biddy and Lulu

I put the last skein of red yarn in the mail today to Paula.  “Your yarn is lovely to work with.” She wrote me.  “I’ve made a pair of gloves with Pumpkin’s wool, but I wore them so much they wore out. The red yarn looks like it would make a great sweater—I’m planning for next year.”

Paula’s message about my wool is the nicest I could get.

I’m all sold out of the dyed wool, but I do still have some of the natural grays from Pumpkin, Griselle, Suzy and Biddy,  including Biddy and Kim’s barber pole wool.

The first time I saw wool in its natural colors I was so surprised.  I had no idea it came in so many shades of grays and browns.  Now I’ve come to really appreciate the subtleties in color.  And I’ve also learned that the wool on the sheep changes from year to year and often looks very different than the wool once it’s processed into yarn.

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