At The Bronx Zoo Yesterday

I think it was the cool weather that brought so many animals out at the Bronx Zoo yesterday.  It seemed whenever Jon and I got to a new environment, the animal or animals in it came out from hiding and we got to watch them for a while.

Every once in a  while the sound of a siren reminded us of the world surrounding the wooded paths we walked on.  But most of what we heard came from birds and animals themselves, or the excited school kids on class trips.

It turned out to be a meditative day.  We watched more than talked and came home tired but relaxed. We became members of the Zoo, so we’re sure to go back again soon.

When I took this video I was paying attention to the Baboon that was closest to us. It was only when I watched it later that I saw the mother Baboon in the background using her baby’s tail as a leash to keep her close by.



One thought on “At The Bronx Zoo Yesterday

  1. Amazing photos and videos, Maria! Glad you had a little break “away from it all”! Sometimes that’s all it takes. Such a beautiful weather day, too!

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