Izzy, Lone Sheep?

Izzy stood on the hill overlooking the north pasture this morning calling out to the other sheep.  But the sheep were in the south pasture and as many times as Jon and I tried to get Izzy to go to them, she ran back to the hill and called to them again and again.

I don’t know why she didn’t know the sheep were in the other pasture but I’m beginning to wonder if something is off with Izzy.   Over the summer when I started to notice that she was spending a lot of time alone, I assumed she was just an independent spirit.

But her behavior this morning was unusual.  And equally unusual was that the other sheep weren’t answering her.  Often when one sheep hangs back calling to the others they will answer and she will run to them, or they will come to her.

Still, I don’t see this as a problem yet.

And it may never become a problem.  If our pastures weren’t so secure, a lone sheep could potentially be in danger from predators.  But our fences are secure and the donkeys do a good job of keeping other animals out of the pasture.

So we’ll just pay attention to Izzy for now.  Who knows, it may turn out that she really is just a lone sheep after all.

8 thoughts on “Izzy, Lone Sheep?

  1. Wow, Maria! I wasn’t expecting that loud “baa” to come from Izzy! She almost sounds like a cow. Like you, I hope she’s okay and is just a bit of a loner. I get her! 🙂

  2. Was she close to Zelda? Wonder if she’s calling to her or they are communicating in some way. Just read a study by the way, that they are finding sheep to be as intelligent as monkeys. They have amazing memories and recognition of facial features.

    1. I didn’t know that about sheep Janet. And I thought of Zelda too, but it’s been a while since she died and Izzy’s just doing this now. But I like to remember that I don’t really know.

  3. Maria, I was also wondering if she was calling to someone and perhaps picking up something we are unable to hear. I would like to know what study Janet Hamilton found where sheep are intelligent. Every living creature communicates. Consider the latest on trees. Interesting worlds of each. . .

    1. That’s possible Veronica. There are other farm animals around us. She hasn’t done it since, which makes me think it may have been something like that. I’ll ask Janet about where she saw the information about the sheep’s intelligence.

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