Our New Podcast: Joker

Jon and I went to see the movie “The Joker” last night and tonight we made a podcast about it.  You can listen to it here.

The Joker looked so dark and creepy in the previews at first I didn’t want to see it.  So Jon went by himself on Monday.   But he came back with more questions than answers about how he felt about the movie  (you can read his reviews here).    I was so intrigued by what he said and the questions it raised for me, even without seeing it, I decided I wanted to see the movie too.

I loved the movie so much, I talked about it, without asking Jon what he felt about it until we were almost home.  That’s when Jon said he wished we had recorded our conversation for a podcast.

The movie is creepy and dark, as I expected, but it’s also gorgeously filmed, with an eerie beauty and saturated colors.  It made me a little uncomfortable how much I could relate to the character of Arthur Fletcher, who becomes the Joker. But I think this is an important film, a reflection of our society in many ways.

You can listen to Jon’s and my conversation about The Joker here.



4 thoughts on “Our New Podcast: Joker

  1. Glad you liked the movie, but just FYI, it’s “Joker,” not “The Joker.” You might want to fix that, especially in your podcast title.

    1. It’s interesting Julie, I may be wrong, but I’m feeling a bit of anger or something in your comment as right as you may be about the title of the movie. Maybe you’re just annoyed at the mistake, whatever it is, it doesn’t feel to me like your comment is really coming from a place of really trying to be helpful.

  2. Not angry at all, but details are important–the creators had good reasons (which they’ve discussed) about leaving out the article “The” in their title. If it were my review, I’d want to know about that, so I could fix it: getting the title wrong is likely to make people pay less attention to your thoughts on the content, and who would want that?

    1. People correct me all the time Julie and I have no problem with it, I do appreciate it. But I did detect a tone in your writing that felt scolding. I do understand and appreciate the nuances of language and words.

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