The Yoni Tree I Know So Well….

Yoni Tree Potholder

We have three giant maples growing on the side of the house.  The one in front of my studio has a Yoni created by the two main branches (which are as big as trees themselves) twisting themselves around each other.

Spider webs guard the Yoni opening where mushrooms and a little maple tree is growing.

I hung one of my Yoni Potholders on the scaly bark to take a picture of it.

I see that maple tree every time I walk to or from my studio, every time I look out my front window.  We know each other the way I know the crows who live around the farm.   With a familiarity that borders on the mundane, yet with a little attention, awe-inspiring.

I have a few Yoni Tree Potholders in my Etsy Shop,  each one comes with one of my Yoni Tree Pins.   Just click here to see and buy them.

My Yoni Tree Pin

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

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