Getting To Know My Sheep Again

Biddy and Rosemary

I’m noticing that since Red died, my daily interaction with the sheep is changing.  They’ve always been calmer without a dog around (Fate is an exception, it seems to make no difference whether she’s there or not) but I felt something new this morning.

I don’t really have a grasp on just what it is.  It’s more a feeling between us.  And it might have more to do with my perception of them than theirs of me.

Without having Red bring them out to the pasture I  think I’m seeing them more in their natural state. And I’m appreciating how they interact with each other.  When they’re being herded all the time, in a way, they become one thing.  Think of a flock of Canada Geese flying overhead.   In some ways, they cease to be individuals and become one flowing form.

I’ve always been able to see the unique personalities of my sheep, but perhaps now I’ll be able to see or feel something between us I hadn’t even imagined.

6 thoughts on “Getting To Know My Sheep Again

  1. Your photos are brilliant, so colorful. And you can really see through your eye the personalities of the sheep, Yoni Tree and the Farm. I am going to buy a new phone today. You’re inspiring me to focus more attention on my photography.

    1. I was never into photography till I got my blog and my iphone Janet. And the iphone8 has a really good camera. I also have “Moment” lenses for it.

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