Zelda, Doily Woman

The changes are slow in coming, but I think they make a big difference with each step.  I’m closer to being done with her red outline, then I’ll start sewing the doilies down.

Today, as I was sewing the red squares around Zelda, I thought of the outline as her aura.  I don’t know what a red aura means, but I’ll be looking into that next.

The part of the old quilt that I’m removing the red squares from to sew around Zelda, my Doily Woman


7 thoughts on “Zelda, Doily Woman

  1. Maria, this is turning out so well and I know what a difficult job this is. I love the red background it makes the dress really
    stand out. I’ve worked with doilies and lace in quite a few projects and I know how time consuming this can be. It is just beautiful.

  2. You have the innocence and purity of the white/cream color and the fiery passion of the red. Maybe Zelda will find her true self somewhere in the middle. I think life’s journey is like that. We start out as innocent kids and progress to who we want to be. Thought-provoking, Maria!

  3. I just finished reading Jon’s comments regarding that pink collar for Zinnia. You and others felt that pink was indeed, a strong color. That thought brought me back to Zelda, because when you combine red with white, you get … pink. Strong yet feminine. Zelda is destined for greatness.

    1. The book sounds really interesting Barbara. I’m not really why the ATS dancers took the chin tattoo as part of their makeup. I’ll try to find out.

  4. Your Doily woman reminds me of a bride from the Day of the Dead, Dia de Muertos, in Mexico. The timing is right too; it’s November 2nd!

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