ATS Flash Mob, BellyDancing With Women Around The World

Me, Emily, Kathleen and Julz

Yesterday, all around the world, American Tribal Style Bellydancers danced in unity to one song, Dil Gaya by Omnia.  It was a Flash Mob and the Bennington Beledi Bellydancers (who I dance with) were a part of it.

The day before Julz sent us all a picture of the marble sidewalk covered in leaves.  “Don’t forget your shoes,” she wrote. We didn’t want to dance on that surface in bare feet.

At three o’clock I began to get my costume on for the Flash Mob.  I put on some makeup and real Dahlia’s in my headscarf.  Jon helped me tie on my Coin bra and an hour later, we drove to Arlington Vermont.

We danced, in front of the town offices,  to a few songs to warm up then danced to Dil Gaya, like so many other women were doing around the world.  A couple of neighbors came to watch and lots of cars honked as they drove by.  Julz’s husband Marty took a video of us dancing to Dil Gaya and later posted it on Facebook.  You can see it here.

Jon took photos and videos too which I’ll be sharing with Julz, Kathleen and Emily.  I’m still not used to seeing myself in costume.  I look so different, yet when I see me, I think that I know I like the person I see.

It was only when I watched some of the other videos on facebook,  of women dancing to the same song, from places like Russia, Mexico, Germany, Ukraine, and The United Kingdom the feeling of being a part of something so big hit me.

ATS is a language that all of us understand.  There may be different dialects, but, we could go anywhere in the world and dance with any of the women I watched on facebook yesterday.   And, in a way, yesterday we did all dance together.

Jon took this video of one of the dances we did yesterday.

4 thoughts on “ATS Flash Mob, BellyDancing With Women Around The World

  1. Hi Maria

    This was wonderful to watch. Also enjoyed the video of the official song you danced to – loved it. Is there a way to see the other countries you mention – who were a part of the global flash mob?

    It must have been an incredible feeling to know you were all dancing with women worldwide.

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