Minnie’s Cozy Cave

Even though it’s cool at night and in the early morning, it still gets hot in the sun.   Minnie has found the perfect, cave-like, spot on the back porch to get some shade.

4 thoughts on “Minnie’s Cozy Cave

  1. Maria I am so happy that you and Jon saved Minnie (her amputation) – what a darling girl. And she has a tiny tip of white on her tail! I never noticed that and what is that patch of white by the back side of her tail ?? Another beautiful autumn for Minnie to enjoy.

  2. For sure Barbara! just yesterday I was cleaning up one of my gardens and didn’t even see Flo sleeping there until she moved her tail. At first, it was all I saw and thought she was a sick raccoon! She slowly sauntered out of the garden, looked really pissed off that I disturbed her nap.

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