Donkey Selfies

Me and Fanny

I’ve only taken a few Selfies in my life.  But today, as I was sitting with Fanny and Lulu, I got the idea to do a donkey and me Selfie.

The donkeys weren’t really into it, every time I put the iPhone in front of their face they backed away.  They don’t like it when anything comes at them straight on.  But for some reason, (I’m not really sure why) I had fun doing it.

Afterwards, I gathered a bunch of crab apples from under the tree in the yard and gave them each a few as a  thank-you.

Me and Lulu

2 thoughts on “Donkey Selfies

  1. This made me laugh out loud! Lulu looks a little skeptical about putting herself on social media (I am totally on board with that…) while Fanny’s direct gaze just DARES anyone to tweet a critical response or, even worse, a “hoof” down. They must think us humans such silly creatures! I am grateful for your posts showing their existential equanimity of requiring only sustenance, shelter and love.

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