Sharing Linens For The Tiny Pricks Project

#tinypricks  By Carol Beck

I’ve made seven Tiny Pricks, and each time I do, I offer to send hankies and linens to anyone who wants to make one themselves and needs a linen to embroider it on.

A few weeks ago Kathy sent me a box of vintage linens.  I used one of them to make a #tinypricks with a quote about Gretchen Thunberg.  Then I got an email from Carol.  She wanted to make a #tinypricks and needed something to embroider it on.

So I went through the box of linens from Kathy and my stash of hankies and picked out a few to send her.

A few days ago Carol sent me this photo of the #tinypricks she stitched on Kathy’s linen.  I love how she used the same color thread as the flowers on the linen.  It gives it a sense of history as if her words were always there.  It seems a timeworn truth, depicting the true character of Trump.

Diana Weymar’s Tiny Prick Project is a collaborative one.  It depends on people participating in it by stitching quotes from Donald Trump on vintage linens which are then hung all together in galleries around the country, making a powerful statement.

My being able to participate, not only by creating #tinypricks but by sharing the linens and hankies that other people have given to me, feel as much a part of the project as a finished piece.  Because it is in keeping with the collaborative and cooperative spirit of #tinypricks.

And when I think of that single linen, used to help give voice to Carol and her art, I think of its original intent and how it’s original owner couldn’t have imagined that, with the help of four other women, it would become a piece of art and history.

If anyone else out there would like to make a #tinypricks, and needs a linen or hankie to stitch it on, just email me here at [email protected].  I’ll be very happy to send you some.  For more information on how to participate in The Tiny Pricks Project, click here. 

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