My 8th Tiny Pricks, Playing In The Sand

The hankie for my next #tinypricks.  A duck, pig, and bear, three separate nations, playing in the sand.

“So there’s a lot of sand there they can play with“. Jon read the quote from Donald Trump out loud as we sat in the living room drinking tea after dinner.

I had heard Trump say these words earlier in the day on the radio, referring to the fighting that is going on between Syria and Turkey and the attack on the  Kurds since Trump pulled the US troops out of Syria.  But hearing them again an instinct kicked in that caught my attention.

“That’s a tinypricks quote“, I said to Jon and asked him to repeat it while I grabbed a scrap of paper and wrote it down.

In my studio this morning I began working on the quilt I started yesterday.  As I was looking for the right color red for the quilt, I stepped over the overflowing box of linens on my floor and thought of the President’s dismissive and condescending words comparing war to children playing.

That’s when the small collection of children’s hankies that I have came to mind.

Even though my fabric isn’t well organized, I do have an idea of where things are.  So I emptied the basket I use to stash the “special” linens, and there it was, just what I was looking for.  Although I didn’t specifically remember it,  my heart beat a little faster and what felt like a small current of electricity ran through my body.

It felt magical, like the basket had produced exactly what I needed.

The small hankie had an embroidery of a bear, a pig and a duck (three separate nations) dressed in bathing suits, with their shovels and pails, playing in the sand.

This will be my 8th #tinypricks.  I am grateful to Diana Weymar, once again, for providing this form to work in and to be a part of this creative protest.

You can make your own #tinypricks,  click here to see how.   And if you need a linen or hankie to stitch it on I’ll be happy to send you some.  You can email me at [email protected].

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