Healing Cuddles


Jon and Fate cuddling

I knew Jon really wasn’t feeling well when he agreed to get into bed after writing this morning.  I turned the heat up, tucked him in with an extra blanket, got him a big glass of ginger ale and put a bucket and towel beside the bed just in case he got sick enough that couldn’t make it down the stairs to the bathroom.

Text me if you need me I told him and left for my weekly lunch date with my friends Mandy and Athena.

Jon was just waking up when I got back two hours later.

A few times a year Jon gets sick just for a day or so.  It might be his medications rebelling, or something he picked up at one of the places he volunteers.  But we pretty much have a routine down where he sleeps most of the day and I  come in from my studio every couple of hours to check on him.

Tonight Jon was feeling good enough to eat.  Bud spent most of the day in bed with him, but after dinner Fate seemed to need some time with him too.

She laid her head on his knee and we both knew what she wanted.  She does this thing where she jumps up onto the ottoman next to Jon’s chair then kind of falls into his lap.  Then they just cuddle for a while.

I think it was good for both of them.

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