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My studio this evening

I think I finished designing my quilt today.  I’ll look at it again on Monday to be sure.

I had to move Zelda, my Doily woman out of the way to work on the quilt.  I took a break from working on her to make the quilt, and she’s not pinned down, so I can only move her by sliding her around the floor.

I made a space for her next to the dog crate and surrounded her with a couple of boxes so the dogs and I didn’t accidentally step on her.  My studio is normally big enough for me my fabric and my work, but today I could have used a little more space.

I was thinking that working a piece like Zelda is like reading a really good, but long non-fiction book and making a quilt is like reading a novel.

Detail of my quilt with Carol Conklin’s batik print, River Sunrise.   You can see more of Carol’s art here.

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  1. Using Carol’s fabulous batik as your start, it is so amazing the depth you created with your color and other fabric choices. Watching your creations happen is really fun, Maria! Congratations on another beauty.

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