Asher And Issachar Join The Flock

Asher and Issachar

It will be a while before I can easily tell our new sheep Asher and Issachar apart.  But one does have darker wool and a white streak on his nose.

When we opened the gate and let the sheep out of the pole barn after shearing, Asher and Issachar seemed like they had always been on the farm.

Asher and Issachar are a mix of Cormo/Romney and Blue Face Leicester.  They’re smaller than the Romneys we have.  They’re only two years old so they’ll probably fill out a little more, but right now they have long legs that make them almost more like deer than sheep.

See them join the flock (with my newly shorn sheep) for the first time in the video below…

12 thoughts on “Asher And Issachar Join The Flock

  1. It looks like Lulu and Fanny have also accepted the newcomers. I thought they might end up being a little more suspicious. Good outcome!

    1. I thought they might too, but the donkeys really are grounded animals. I get the feeling they know the difference between a real threat and new animals that they can trust.

  2. I am so glad that these two found a home with you, Maria. Liz is amazing to watch with sheep – a true natural. She was wonderful with my little flock, including my Amos, who is quite a handful :).

  3. Maria…I’m loving seeing your two new babies mingling with their new family ☺️❤️ I hope you keep doing lots of videos….they’re so heartwarming to watch! ☺️

  4. Cool. They seem to fit right in. I wonder if the donkeys or the other sheep explained to the Twins who the pie-eyed dog was, and why she was doing zoomies all around them. Fate was having a good time!

  5. Love watching the new additions melt into the Bedlam herd. So sweet. So gentle. Almost seamlessly. Wish the world could be that way. Can’t wait to see their wool.

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