Liz Catches Griselle

Liz shearing Kim

The way a good dancer makes it look like what she is doing is easy, Liz does the same when shearing sheep.

Sheep go still when turned on their backs, but even before Liz gets them into position for shearing, they are calm around her.  Unless they’re trained (and our sheep aren’t) it’s not easy to get a sheep to go where you want it to.   But as you can see in the video below, Liz gently leads Griselle to the board and seemingly effortlessly turns her on her back for shearing.

Liz makes it look easy, but it isn’t.  I’ve seen many shearers struggle to catch the sheep and turn them on their backs.

Liz learned how to shear sheep when she was 8 years old from our shearer, Jim McCrea.  Now she’s taken over his business.   And soon she’ll be shearing and farming full time.  She has plans to expand her wool business online and also grow lavender and other crops to sell.

Jon and I plan on visiting Liz at her farm when we bring the wool to the mill in Vermont.

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