New Twin Sheep At Bedlam Farm

One of the new twin sheep standing outside the pole barn where the rest of the sheep were waiting to be shorn.

Liz, our shearer showed up at 8:30 this morning with her mom Barb.  In the back of her truck were our two new sheep.  Liz told us their story.

Towards the end of their mother’s pregnancy, she laid down and wouldn’t get up again.  Liz called her vet who told her she had two choices.  She could shoot the ewe or do a cesarean.   Liz said she couldn’t shoot a pregnant sheep so she watched as the Vet pulled one boy lamb after another out of the small incision.  There were triplets.   Liz, her mother and aunt bottle fed all three.  One of them died and the three women became attached to the sheep.

But this year, because of some unexpected pregnancies, Liz found herself with 36 sheep. Usually, she sends her male lambs to slaughter, but she couldn’t bring herself to send the twins away.  That’s when she thought to asked me if I wanted them.

Because they were bottle-fed, the twins are very friendly toward people.  They came right up to me once the jumped out of the truck.

My sheep were all in the pole barn waiting to be shorn and the twins went right to the gate, seeming to want to be around the other sheep.  Halfway through the shearing, they started to wander around and at one point they noticed the donkeys.

They did some sniffing, and followed each other around a bit then seemed to lose interest in each other.

We’re naming the sheep Asher and Issachar after the twin refugee boy from Afganastan that Jon and I got to know over the summer, who go to Bishop Maginn School.  Like the boys, the sheep are gentle and kind.

2 thoughts on “New Twin Sheep At Bedlam Farm

  1. Did the mother sheep die after the c-section or did they just bottle feed them because the mother couldn’t feed them. They are beautiful….and look like babies almost. So small.

    1. The mother didn’t die, Theresa, she just couldn’t feed them. She eventually went to a retirement farm. I think Liz was very attached to her.

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