Our New Podcast: New Sheep, New Book

Issachar and Asher.  Listen to our latest Podcast, New Sheep, New Book, here.

Bringing Issachar and Asher, our two new sheep to the farm on Sunday felt like a renewal worthy of the springtime.  Yet here it is fall and somehow just as fitting.

One of the concerns that Jon had about getting the new sheep was where he is in his life now.  He worried about him getting older and even dying and leaving me with too many animals.

But this autumn renewal is also about Jon writing a new book.  Feeling fulfilled and satisfied with the work he is doing on his blog, with the elderly at The Mansion and with the young people at Bishop Maginn High School, Jon was ready to let go of book writing.

But yesterday, after the new sheep came, he sent off a book proposal to his agent.

Like shearing the sheep, we’ve let go of some of the old to open ourselves up to something new.  And with the new sheep and the possibility of Jon’s new book, we also found a new friend this weekend in our shearer Liz Willis.

So come and listen to our latest podcast, New Sheep, New Book. You can listen to it here.

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Thanks for listening.

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