Visiting Zinnia


Jon and I are going to visit our new puppy Zinnia tomorrow.  She lives about 2 1/2 hours away so we’ll be leaving in the morning and be back home in the late afternoon.

Jon has been writing about Zinnia for months.  Her breeder Lenore has been sending videos and photos regularly.  All of them are, of course, adorable but I still haven’t felt any real connection to the puppy we’re getting which has made it hard for me to write about her.

I imagine tomorrow when we see her in person and get to hold her for the first time that will change.

As we got Fate for me after my dog Frieda died, we are getting Zinnia for Jon since Red died.  But  I have no doubt that I will be as close to Zinnia as Jon is to Fate.

And I have been thinking about her as Fate and I walk through the woods, wondering what it will be like to walk with two dogs again.


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