Izzy Alone

All the sheep were grazing in the back pasture this morning.  The back pasture is overgrown with wildflowers that would have gotten caught in their wool, but now that the sheep are shorn they’re no danger of messing up their wool.

Izzy walked away from the flock finding her way back to the barn by herself.  It may be her eyesight or hearing that makes her separate from the flock.  Or some kind of sheep dementia, if there is such a thing.

The other sheep don’t answer her calls which is unusual too.

Some people have suggested that she might be looking for Zelda, but she started this behavior before Zelda died.

I’ve seen our two new sheep Asher and Issachar hanging around Izzy in the past couple of days, but today they stayed with the rest of the flock.  They seem to be enjoying the meal the back pasture provides.


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