This dahlia left a red “shadow” on my studio wall

I never expected to see Jon walk through the door.  He brought me a book on how to use Instagram.  “I just came to keep you company,” he said.  “When I called you I was in Albany and you’re still waiting”.

He was even more annoyed than me that I had to wait so long.  Jon has spent more time in the Cambridge Health Center than I have.  He knows most of the people who work there and was about to complain to someone.  But I asked him not to and about 10 minutes later a nurse called me.

I haven’t been to the doctor since I went to India two years ago and had to get some vaccinations.   Since the Nurse Practioner, I saw then has since left, I wouldn’t have been able to get an appointment till the spring so the receptionist I spoke to told me to come to the emergency center.

I had the feeling it may have been a tick bite that was giving me the chills and making me nauseous, and tired.  I’m always pulling ticks off me from walking in the woods.  I can feel them crawling on my skin and when they bite. I’ve been lucky so far, but since pulling a tick off my a couple of days ago I wasn’t feeling quite right.

It took three and a half hours of waiting and when I finally did see the Nurse Practitioner, she thought I probably had a virus, not Lyme, but she gave me a prescription for a couple of antibiotics just in case.

I was annoyed at wasting so much of my day and, at the same time, grateful to know that if I did have Lyme disease there was something I could do about it.

When I got home I did a little more work then got tired again and took a nap. I realized that even if I wasn’t sitting in the waiting room for hours, I probably wouldn’t have gotten much work done today anyway.

I know I’ll sleep well tonight and hopefully feel better in the morning.


6 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. You need to rub your legs and your arms with either Vicks Vapor Rub when you go walking or buy some Avon Skin so Soft lotion from some one and rub that all over your legs and arms. Then the ticks will stay away. Have your hubby rub some on your back even. Vicks is great for rubbing on the legs. keeps fleas away too…

  2. That is a beautiful photograph, and I love the origins of that shadow. Nature leaves us the most unexpected gifts, doesn’t she? I hope you feel better, too. Tick bites are not for ignoring.

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