When Zinnia Comes Home

I called her Zin Zin as soon as I  picked her up and started talking to her.

I know it’s going to stick.  I loved holding her, but I didn’t feel the connection to our new puppy Zinnia that Jon did.

Yet, I know how he feels. That need for his dog.  I felt the same before we got Fate, when I didn’t have a dog to keep me company in my studio and on walks in the woods.

I think mostly I still have a part of myself closed off to her.  I’m not ready to give myself over yet, not until we actually take her home and I know for sure she’s ours.

It was probably losing our Boston Terrier Gus when he wasn’t even a year old that makes me feel protective of myself.  But at this point, I don’t think it really matters.

What does matter is that when we take Zinnia home in three weeks, I’ll be ready for her.  I know, once she comes into our lives for real, I’ll be able to give her all the love I have.

2 thoughts on “When Zinnia Comes Home

  1. Congratulations! She is so sweet! Happy puppy days ahead, and wishing you energy for her training too! Love, jane

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