Suzy’s Hand-spun and Hand-knit Mohair Shawls Are Sold

Suzy’s Chartreuse and Blue Shawl,  16″x58″  $138 including shipping, is Sold for sale In my Etsy Shop.

For the past few years, I’ve been selling my friend Suzy’s hand-spun and hand-knit shawls at the Bedlam Farm Open House.  They always sell out.  This year we didn’t have an Open House, but Suzy still has some of her beautiful shawls to sell.

So we worked out a plan for me to put them in my Etsy Shop and sell them there.

Let me tell you something about Suzy and her shawls.  The wool she spins into yarn comes mostly from her own Mohair goats,  Lucy, April, Alice, Ruth, and Larry.  She chooses the colors to dye the roving (the wool before it’s spun) and “creates textures by spinning curly locks into the yarn.”    Sometimes she’ll add roving from other fiber artists too.

I know from having Suzy’s shawls at the Open House that they are as soft as they look.  Suzy is a perfectionist in her spinning and knitting, as you can see in the photos of her shawls.

I have two of Suzy’s Shawls for sale.

The Chartreuse and Blue Shawl pictured above and below is 58″ long and 16″ from the center to bottom point.  It’s Sold $138 including shipping and you can buy it here. 

Chartruse and Blue Shawl

Suzy also made a shawl using natural wool colors.

Suzy’s Natural Shawl

You can really see the curly locks that she spun into the yarn in this photo of Suzy’s Natual Shawl. All of Suzy’s shawls remind me of seashells.

Suzy’s  Natural Shawl is 48″ long and 14″ from top center to bottom point.  It’s Sold $133 including shipping. You can buy it here. 

The back of Suzy’s Natual Shawl

And now meet Suzy’s goats who provide the mohair that her shawls are made from…


You can see where those curly locks come from….

April, Alice, and Ruth

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