Painting The Dining Room Table

Our dining room table before being repainted

For a while, I’ve been enjoying peeling the paint off our dining room table.  It started to bubble up about six months ago.  I guess I didn’t sand enough of the old polyurethane off the stained wood when I painted it pink a couple of years ago.

Jon and I planned on raking leaves today, but it was raining so I thought it a good day to repaint the table.  I knew I had a few colors leftover from painting the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room, so I brought a few choices up from the basement and Jon and I decided on the tangerine orange.

It was a cold, wet and dreary morning so Jon brought in wood and I made the first fires of the season in the wood stoves.  The house warmed up quickly and it lifted our spirits too.

While waiting for the first coat of paint on the table to dry, I did some touch-up painting in the kitchen and bathroom and when the rain slowed down I went out to do some raking.

I’ve never raked wet leaves before, but in some ways, it was easier than raking dry leaves just because they all stuck together.

The table’s going to need a few coats to cover it all, so we’ll be working on it tomorrow too.  But the paint goes on quick and easy.

Jon giving the table the first coat of orange paint.

2 thoughts on “Painting The Dining Room Table

  1. But now you won’t have any paint to peel!
    Fortunately, we are entering hangnail season. I’ve got a hangnail that’s just about ripe enough to peel right back to my elbow.

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