Zelda, My Doily Woman Finally Up On The Wall

I just hung up Zelda, my Doily Woman and am seeing her on the wall for the first time.

There’s always the risk that when you take something that was made on the floor, from the point of view of looking down at it, that it won’t translate well when seen flat on a wall at eye level.

But I found Zelda just as powerful hanging on my wall and she appears even bigger than I thought she was.

I still have some adjustments and sewing to do, but I’m glad to see that she can stand up to gravity.

I was actually so pleased with how she looks, I wanted to take a picture with her.

2 thoughts on “Zelda, My Doily Woman Finally Up On The Wall

  1. I used to crochet and never would have thought of doing something like this. You took a bunch of old-fashioned doilies that might have sat in a box in someone’s attic and turned them into an enchanting creative wall hanging. I think it turned out great. Way to go, Maria!

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