Bud is both wild dog and snuggler.

Lately, I’ve been finding dead voles in the back yard where the dogs hang out.  I know it’s not the cats because they either eat what they kill or leave it by the back door.  And Fate isn’t interested in any animals except the sheep and she’s afraid of them.

So it has to be Bud.

And I’ve seen him patiently wait, perfectly still,  almost cat-like by a hole in the ground or at the base of a tree.  I’ve never seen him eat anything he kills, yet I don’t doubt that he would.

But in the house Bud will do whatever it takes to find a way to jump up on a chair or the couch, no matter how small the space,  and squeeze in next to me when I’m reading.  His little body next to mine is warm and comforting and his snoring somehow endearing.


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