Jon Hugs A Sheep

Jon and Issachar with Lulu and Fanny

I never thought I’d see Jon hug a sheep, but our new twins are pretty special.  Issachar is especially friendly.   And when he walked up to Jon, he was smitten.

Both Issachar and his twin Asher were bottle fed as lambs.  This tends to make them more friendly than other sheep.

Sometimes too friendly.

I knew a woman who bottle fed one of her lambs and it got very attached to her.  It was fine when it was a lamb, but as it got older and bigger it’s behavior of following her around and intentionally bumping into her and knocking her down became dangerous.

She eventually had the sheep slaughtered and ate him.

But I trusted that Liz’s twins wouldn’t be that pushy.  And they aren’t.  They are friendly without being aggressive and very naturally fit in with the rest of the flock.

The only thing I think we have to worry about with Issachar is making sure he doesn’t follow us out of the gate.

And I can’t help wondering what Red would think of all this.

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