Making Autumn Bird Potholders

Pam sent me a box of fabric and one piece had all these wonderful birds on it.  The fabric itself is hard to compete with, the design and colors are so perfect as they are.

So the challenge…how to use it, to make it my own.

The small rectangles with the 1960s-like drawings spoke to me of potholders.  What fun to create my own designs and choose my own colors to surround them.

The piece of fabric that Pam sent

I see now, next to the original fabric, my potholders have an autumn hue.  Not a surprise really.



4 thoughts on “Making Autumn Bird Potholders

    1. I’ll Should have the all done early next week Tara and yes, then I’ll post them in my etsy shop. I can let you know when I do if you’d like. Thanks for asking.

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