A New Batch Of Potholders With Charlie Harper Fabric

I got into the potholder making rhythm yesterday, but it was interrupted because I worked at the Cambridge Co-op in the afternoon for my monthly 3 3/4 hour shift.  But the potholders were still on my mind, so after dinner I was back in the studio, making more.

I worked till I was tired.  At the end of the day, I had a good batch of new potholders designed.  Don’t know if I’ll make anymore right now.  I’ll have to see how I feel.

I’ll get these finished by early next week no matter how many more I do or don’t make and have them for sale in my Etsy Shop then.

Rachel left me a comment saying that the drawings on the fabric looked like Charley Harper.  So I googled him and I think she’s right.  Born in 1922, Harper was an artist and a conservationist.  And his work is still being reproduced in lots of different mediums.

I did find the image of the squirrel being attacked by the birds an interesting one.  Now I understand that Harper was concerned with depicting the natural world and often with humor.

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