Fate On Bed Rest

The only thing that’s keeping Fate quiet in her crate is the sedatives we got for her at the Vet yesterday.

She’s taking them as well as antibiotics and a painkiller.  You can see the pink and purple bandage around her back foot.  Yesterday, while I was at Bellydancing, Jon was at the Vet with Fate getting a gash between her toes cleaned, stapled and bandaged.

Luckily the Cambridge Valley Vets are about a minute away by car, and Dr. Fariello was able to help Fate just before they closed for the day. Otherwise, it would have been a visit to the emergency clinic over an hour away.

I was checking on the animals yesterday afternoon and Fate was circling the sheep as she always does when I saw a big red rock on the ground.  On closer look, I saw the rock was covered in blood.  I looked up and the sheep and donkeys were all acting normals, so I knew, even though she was running like a mad dog, the blood must have come from Fate.

I got her to stop running and saw her blood-soaked foot.  Just at that moment, Jon pulled into the driveway.  I wrapped a paper towel and my hand around Fate’s foot to try and stop the bleeding and we went right to the Vet.

Once there Nichole, the vet technician, and out pet sitter wrapped Fate’s foot in a bandage and I left for my Bellydancing class.

Jon told me later that the cut was deep and just missed an artery.  Fate got three staples in her foot and is on bed rest till Sunday or Monday. (Jon got some good pictures at the Vet you can see them here and said Fate was so good about it all)  Even after that she can’t do any running for a while.

So for the next few days, I’ll put a plastic bag on Fate’s foot and walk her on a leash to do her business. In between, she’ll be in her crate resting.

Right now she’s in her crate in my studio sleeping.

It’s not easy keeping Fate still and to get her not to take her bandage off.  This morning when the sedative wore off, Fate was wiggling around excited to get out to the sheep.   I think Jon’s idea to put her on a sedative will make all the difference.

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