Putting Up The Storm Windows

The last storm window to go up on my studio

The temperature dropped overnight, but the wind was still blowing this morning.  I imagined the warm air from my electric heaters leaking out of the windows in my studio as I could feel the cold air blowing in.

It’s always a hassle putting the storm windows on my studio.  Somehow they never fit from year to year.

I was sure the window frames would be swollen from the heavy rain we had over the past couple of days.  Either that or the old schoolhouse just shifts slightly on its foundation, twisting everything a little more out of square.

Two of the storm windows went in easily, but I had to get the hand-planer and shave some of the wood from the sides of the other three. Still it didn’t take too long and soon I had all five widows up.

By then the wind slowed down, but it was time to put them up anyway.  We’ve had a warm fall so far, but November tends to be cold and damp and soon winter will be here.

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