First Day of Hay

There’s still plenty of grass for the sheep and donkeys to graze on, but it’s not as nutritious anymore.  So today we decided to see if the animals were hungry for hay.

If we put hay out in the spring and summer they won’t eat it.  They’d rather the fresh grass.  But today, both the sheep and donkeys dug into the hay, eating it all up.

They still have big bellies, so we know they’re getting enough to eat, but from now on we’ll give them some hay every once in a while to supplement the grass.


2 thoughts on “First Day of Hay

  1. I never noticed before, but the sheep seem so courteous when eating.
    Although I am not one who knits, I look at the wool and I love the natural color each sheep has in their wool.
    It is all beautiful as are the sheep and I wish my Labradoodle puppy who is only 5 1/2 months old is as cuddly as the sheep twins.

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