Fate Healing

Fanny, Fate and Lulu

Thanks to the sedatives from the Vet, Fate had a restful weekend.

Jon and I were both good about keeping her in the crate and taking her out on a leash to do her business. (“Get busy”, I say to her and she does.)   Yesterday we let her walk around the house for a while and this morning, for the first time we let her wait at the gate while we took care of the animals.

Jon always did this with Red when he wasn’t supposed to run.  He’d have Red come into the barnyard and just sit there.  Red, of course, was able to do that.  If we let Fate into the barnyard, she wouldn’t have the discipline to sit still.  But she will wait outside the gate for hours, always with the hope that soon we’ll take her to the sheep.

Fate doesn’t seem to notice the bandage on her foot.  And when it was wet out and I had to put the plastic baggie on it, she even stood patiently and lifted her foot for me.

I thought about taking a walk in the woods over the weekend, but it just isn’t the same without Fate.  I know I’d miss her being there.

Today is the last day of sedatives and painkillers, I have little doubt she’s not healing well under the bandage.  We’ll get the staples removed later in the week and soon things will be back to normal.


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