“Autumn Comes” My Quilt For Sale

Autumn Comes is 67″x77″ is Sold. $425 +$15 shipping and is for sale in my Etsy Shop.  

I am guided by the seasons.  I feel the changes and the durations physically in my body.  I experience them emotionally. I try, but always fail to be as accepting of them as the trees, the animals and the flowers.

Warm autumn days can feel like the spring, the naked trees just budding instead of just having lost their leaves.  Late autumn is always melancholy to me.  More longing than sadness. An end, but not without hope.

And since I stopped trying to push the melancholy away with frantically focusing on the holidays, I’ve come to savor it.  Like wrapping myself in a deep, warm, spicy, maroon cocoon.

Which is no doubt why I chose this batik print, called River Sunrise made by Carol Conklin this time of year to create my quilt around.  And why I chose the name Autumn Comes that came from the same two-word comment that  Ellen left on my blog when she saw the quilt.

The colors in the quilt reflect the intensity of the dying autumn leaves and flowers as well as the fading of color that is simultaneous.

And I remember after framing Carol’s batik with fabric how I clearly saw the reddish-orange “steps” leading up to it, like the steps of the ancient Mexican Pyramid of the Sun.

I used so many different types of fabric in this quilt, mimicking the textures in nature.  Some fine and silky, printed and solid cottons, bulky and soft velvet, and corduroy and thick tapestry.

Autumn Comes is Sold  for sale.  It’s 67″ x77″ and is $425 + $15 shipping. You can buy it in my Etsy Shop by clicking here.  Or you can email me here at [email protected].

A detail of the “steps” leading up to Carol’s batik print, River Sunrise.

4 thoughts on ““Autumn Comes” My Quilt For Sale

  1. This is so very elegant and well expresses the qualities you felt that were embedded in it’s creation. Lovely and so very well made. In addition to your boundless creativity I just really appreciate the tailored quality of your work.

    1. THank you Wendy, I usually don’t know much abuot the things I’m making until I look at them and think about them after I make them. They always tell me something.

  2. A lovely quilt…and perfect name too!
    I can relate to your post…awhile back, I thought to myself. why am I fighting the seasons, those in life as well as of nature… they come and go…why not just acknowledge them, observe them and live them (they do make up my one precious life, whether they be of melancholies or of sprites!) They are SEASONS…with an ‘S’… they change…they are not static, neither be should we. Took me many years to realise that….been my most creative since 🙂

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