News From The Pasture

I thought I’d start something new called News From The Pasture.

When I go out to check on the animals by myself, Jon will ask me “What’s going on out there.”  Often it’s the usual, I open or close a gate and the sheep follow me or hang out in the pole barn.

But sometimes, like today, there is news from the pasture.

First Griselle uncharacteristically pushed her way to the front of the line as I took this video.  She obviously thought my iPhone was something good to eat!

Once they got through the gate our new wether(castrated male sheep) Issachar started humping Suzy who was doing a lot of butt wiggling and I have no doubt is in heat.  As this was going on, Kim my Karakul ewe, head-butted Issachar from the rear, chasing him off Suzy.

We have two wethers, Liam who is Suzy’s lamb and Pumpkin who is Socks’ lamb and I’ve never seen them hump any of the other sheep, which is kind of unusual now that I think of it.

But then, maybe that’s because Kim taught them, early on, not to.

Kim, my Karakul


4 thoughts on “News From The Pasture

    1. Jenn, Asher, the other twin wether isn’t as outgoing as Issachar. So he doesn’t get in the photos as much. But you can see him in the videos.

  1. I love looking at your sheep. They have so much personality. I have to say that I have always thought Kim to be the most beautiful. It isn’t just her coat, it’s her smile. She really has a smile. As a matter of fact, so do the donkeys.
    I get so much pleasure seeing how much pleasure you get from them!!!!

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