Suzy’s Wool For Her Next Shawl

Suzy’s wool for her new shawl

“So,” I texted Suzy after selling her eighth shawl on my blog, “was that the last of your shawls?”

That’s when she told me that she was already picking out colors for the next one.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Suzy’s shawls sold.  I wasn’t sure if, without the actual event of the Bedlam Farm Open House, there were enough people out there who would want one.

But I quickly learned that Suzy Fatzinger’s handspun and handknit shawls are in demand.

Luscious, is what I texted back to Suzy when she sent me the photo of her handspun yarn. That shawl will keep someone warm, just by looking at it.

Suzy chooses all the colors to dye the mohair wool from her goats,  then figures out the best combinations.  I’ve been inspired by her color choices for my own wool.

So soon, I’ll be posting another one of Suzy’s shawls on my blog for sale.

Even though I know what colors it will be, I can’t wait to see how she puts them all together and what patterns she uses.  I wonder if what I’m imagining is anything close to what she’ll make.

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