What If Writing Is Restful?

Zinnia licking Jon’s face when we visited her a few weeks ago. We’re taking her home on Tuesday.

“You can rest, while I take care of the animals,” I told Jon yesterday, “then I’ll come back to bed.” We decided yesterday that we would stay in bed late this morning.

As usual, Jon was awake before me.   “I’m thinking of writing about resting” was the first thing he said to me. Then he asked me what I thought resting meant.

First I laughed.  Then told him he was supposed to be resting, not writing about resting.

“But what if writing is restful to me,” he asked.

I had to think about that.  And it led to a conversation about how our heads can get tired just like our body and how creatively we sometimes need headspace which comes from not working constantly.  We decided if the writing was a compulsion that it wasn’t really restful.

Jon is still without his computer.  Yesterday he found out he needed a new one.  We’ll be picking his new computer up on Wednesday on our way home from picking up our new puppy Zinnia in Connecticut (a new puppy and a new computer all in one day!)  That leaves him either using my computer (which he has already done) or not blogging at all.

So I have a feeling when I get done blogging, answering emails and packing up the potholders I sold yesterday,  Jon will be sitting at the dining room table, where I am now, in front of my computer as he was yesterday.

He’ll be resting or working or doing both at the same time, depending on who you talk to.

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