Zinnia And Bud, Friends


Zinnia running through the snow in the backyard.

Zinnia and Bud are quickly becoming friends.  She and Bud are already beginning to play and he’s surprisingly gentle and tolerant of her.

When we’re outside I’m shivering in my winter coat but Zinnia doesn’t mind the cold or the snow.  She runs through it and lays down in it. We don’t stay out in it too long, but she bounds and jumps around like a little lamb

Maybe that’s what Fate thinks she is and that’s why she stalks her.  Zinnia pays attention to Fate, backing off when she should, but she hasn’t given up trying to play with her.

I have no doubt, that just like Gus and Bud, eventually, Zinnia will win Fate over.

3 thoughts on “Zinnia And Bud, Friends

  1. Dear Maria, How I love your posts and photos about Zinnia, Fate and Bud!! Funny fate, jumping into the puppy playpen!!

  2. Love the photo of Zinnia. I had a surprised reaction the first time I saw it. Tonight I was looking a second time with the same reaction. Running through the snow, she reminds me of a Jack Russell Terrier with ears a bit long!! I am loving all the pics and stories you are sharing. I’m such a sucker for puppies, and I am sure I’m not alone!

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