Suzy’s Pink and Red Shawl Sold

Suzy’s Pink and Red Shawl drying on the clothesline. It’s $138 including and is Sold for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

You can see a couple of Suzy’s goats just under the edges of her latest shawl in the background.  The same mohair goats that some of the wool in Suzy’s shawl came from.

One of the reasons that Suzy’s shawls are so soft is because she washes them in a natural solution after she makes them then hangs them out to dry using those colorful 1950’s clothespins.

This is the shawl that Suzy made from the wool that I posted on my blog last week.  I love the lacy edge on the one side and the curl on the other.  I feel like these colors warm me up just by looking at them.  I can imagine how they would lift my spirits on those gray days of winter.

Like all of Suzy’s shawls, this one is handspun and handknit and is one of a kind.

Suzy’s Pink and Red Shawl is 49″ long and 15″ from top center to bottom point.  It’s  $138 including shipping. It is sol  You can buy it here. 

Suzy’s Pink and Red Shawl for sale in my Etsy Shop
The back of Suzy’s Pink And Red Shawl. 
Suzy’s mohair goats April, Alice and Ruth


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